Arriving in Berkeley

BHGAP student Wenbo articulates his excitement during the beginning of his BHGAP experience

Wenbo Wang is a finance student from Beijing Foreign Studies University, and a graduate of the Berkeley Haas Global Access Program (BHGAP), which brings international students from diverse backgrounds to study business and entrepreneurship at UC Berkeley. His post originally appeared on his blog and has been edited for clarity and length.


Hi folks! I’m Wenbo, and I study finance at Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) in China. About a month ago, I came to the San Francisco Bay Area to join the Berkeley Haas Global Access Program (BHGAP) at the University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business. To be honest, before my arrival I didn’t know what to expect. The only things I knew were: UC Berkeley is the BEST public school in the U.S., and Haas has a really great talent pool filled with hard-working geniuses. But I didn't truly understand the meaning and importance of those things before I began my amazing BHGAP journey!

We first received the warmest welcome and orientation at amazingly beautiful Chou Hall, where we met each other and heard from great BHGAP instructors. What’s more exciting is that we also did a real business case study! It’s so wonderful to hear opinions and perspectives from various places in the world!

Wenbo at BHGAP orientation, smiling and looking at something beyond the frame, with other students in the background

Academic Background

Before coming to Berkeley, I was a consulting intern at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and considered consulting for my future career path. My very first class, Thriving at Haas and Beyond, is designed to help BHGAPers fully explore themselves and unlock our potential.

I was really surprised and thrilled to hear that my instructor used to work for my dream company!!! I was also super excited about the 1:1 (one-on-one) career coaching session, when I got the chance to ask the instructor about her previous experiences and suggestions. That’s really COOL!!!

"You can truly be yourself here, since no one is judgmental and the environment is so inclusive—there are no “right” answers in class, so each voice can be heard equally."

Perks of Berkeley

A view of Moffitt Library during the day, surrounded by trees

One thing really amazed me is how diligent Berkeley students can be. I was told before I arrived that Berkeley has more than 20 libraries on campus, among which Moffitt Library is the most famous and popular one. It’s really surprising to see that the library is still almost full at midnight. Yet everyone is so kind and helpful! They won’t mind answering “silly questions” like how to use the printer or how to request a BearWalk.

Cultural Facets

What I really love about Berkeley is the diversity. Not only can I walk into an astronomy class to explore the wonders of the universe, but also join world-renowned professor Barry Schwartz to learn about decision making. All kinds of opportunities are provided and open to all UC Berkeley students. Besides, you can truly be yourself here, since no one is judgmental and the environment is so inclusive—there are no “right” answers in class, so each voice can be heard equally…

It’s so fun and inspiring at BHGAP and atUC Berkeley! I really can’t wait to explore more in the following months! If you are interested in Berkeley Haas Global Access Program (BHGAP), please learn more about it, or feel free to shoot me an email to ask anything you want to know!

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The Berkeley Haas Global Access Program brings international students to UC Berkeley to study business and entrepreneurship. It also offers plenty to do and see outside of class.

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