Environmental Design Students Visit Leading Design Firm

Hearing and learning from top designers just one of the program perks

With more than 3,500 active clients, Gensler works with clients from across the globe—large, small, private, public, for-profit, non-profit. The leading firm offers high-quality services in architecture, brand design, consulting, real-estate, digital experience design, interior design, sustainability, and urban strategies and design.

And because the firm’s main office is located in downtown San Francisco, students in our recent College of Environmental Design Global Access Program (CED GAP) cohort had the wonderful opportunity to visit this world-class firm. Not only did they get to see the topics they learn about translated into real-world projects, but our students had the chance to hear and learn from leading professionals.

Watch these videos from this transformative site visit to Gensler:

“I think being at the school, being surrounded by the diversity of practices where you’re surrounded by landscape architects and urban designers, it really allowed you to think about architecture beyond just buildings but at various scales.”

—Hao Ko, Co-Managing Partner at Gensler and a UC Berkeley graduate




"You work together with both like architecture students and urban planners and landscape architects."
—Inga Elen Arvoll Eidsvik, CEDGAP Spring 2019 graduate



"I love the CED GAP program because it shows me what the best university in the world is like."
—Zhaoxuan Duan, CEDGAP Spring 2019 graduate




“CED GAP provides a really great chance for me to have the experience in a foreign country.”
—Chenyan Mao, CEDGAP Spring 2019 graduate



“The program really lead me to something that I haven’t seen before because you can get a lot of input of knowledge.”
—Lide Li, CEDGAP Spring 2019 graduate



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