Irene Ciuci, Business Administration and Marketing

Irene Ciuci photo

Although Irene Ciuci saw success as a lawyer in her native Italy, she soon realized that a more challenging and fast-paced career path is her true calling. Attracted to a more business-oriented career and the energy radiating from the San Francisco Bay Area, Ciuci now has the skills to succeed, thanks to the 4-Month IDPs in Business Administration and in Marketing.

"It was a never-ending learning process," Ciuci says. "I learned as much from my instructors as I did from the books. From my fellow students, I learned about different cultures, customs and habits, as well as the importance of working as a group and valuing different opinions."

Currently employed as a campaign operations manager at a fast-growing startup in the Silicon Valley, Ciuci feels that she not only grew as a student, but also as a person. "I immediately found that my way of interacting and working was in a more mature, responsible and secure way," she says. "My Berkeley education provided me with the tools and mindset to deliver the best performance and optimize my organizational skills."