In their Own Language: Entrepreneurship Students Talk About UC Berkeley

Students describe their experience on camera in German, Portuguese, Japanese and more

Over the years, the Berkeley Haas Global Access Program (BHGAP) has attracted hundreds of international students from all over the world to study at the Haas School of Business. Each semester has brought in a more diverse cohort than the last, so it got us thinkinglet's hear our students' perspectives about the program, in their native languages.

Whether you speak Deutsche (German), Português (Portuguese), 日本人(Japanese), 한국어 (Korean), Español (Spanish) or普通话 (Mandarin Chinese), here's what our students had to say about their classes, what they learned, and what life is like at UC Berkeley. Scroll to the bottom for the link to their English videos.


Deutsche (German)


Anna-Julia Storch is a German student at Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich where she studies business administration as well as technology management at the university's Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM).


Marion Degel is a German graduate of Fachhochschule Niederrhein where she studied Textile and Clothing Technology.

Português (Portuguese)


Camila Ali Abdalla is a Brazilian economics student at Insper in São Paulo.


Español (Spanish)


Ana Lucia Salazar Bazalar from Peru is a management and marketing major at the Technological University of Peru in Lima. 


Yemen Zapata Huayta is a an international business administration major at the Technological University of Peru in Lima.


日本人 (Japanese)


Sixiong Peng is a Chinese student studying Civil Engineering in Japan at the University of Tokyo.


한국어 (Korean)

Henry Park is a student studying business administration at Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea.


普通话 (Mandarin Chinese)


Cassie Lin is studying Finance at Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance in Shanghai, China.


Chen Hu is studying international business at the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in Guangzhou, China. 


Yonghan (John) Chen is an international business administration major at Feng Chia University in Taichung City, Taiwan.


Sarah Tan is business English student studying at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.


Check out all our videos—in English and other languages—on our BHGAP YouTube playlist.


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