On Her Way to a Successful CLS Career

Vanessa Vun easily completed her pre-reqs for SFSU's CLS program

Photo of Vanessa Vun

Vanessa Vun is enjoying a successful career as a clinical laboratory scientist (CLS) at the University of California, San Francisco, thanks in part to UC Berkeley Extension's Immunology and Medical Microbiology courses. Needing those two courses to satisfy prerequisites for San Francisco State University’s (SFSU) Clinical Laboratory Science Program, Vun appreciates how easy it was to complete those courses in a timely fashion.

Why did you choose UC Berkeley Extension?
When I looked at other institutions that would provide these prerequisites, UC Berkeley Extension had the easiest way to enroll in the courses. With others, there are a lot of college students signing up for courses, so you don't have priority. But with Extension, it's open to anyone. That's what I really liked about it: I could easily find a spot and sign up for the class. Also, a lot of my fellow students were taking these courses for a CLS program, and it was really nice to be around people who are at the same stage as I was.

You completed your CLS training through SFSU. How did Extension's courses prepare you?
SFSU's CLS program is very intensive. The courses I took at Extension provided a good base to what I was supposed to know coming into the CLS program.