June 9 Online Event: Latest Engineering Trends for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Exploring the challenges and opportunities of AI and ML

Applying AI and Machine Learning across technology fields is part of our daily lives. With it comes a growing demand for advanced data processing, increasingly complex problems to solve, and a challenge for professionals in the field to continuously acquire new knowledge and mastery as these AI and ML technologies evolve.

Technology leaders need to understand how AI can work for them and recognize the key responsibility they have in engineering effective AI and Machine Learning technologies for the future. Staying up to date on the rising challenges in AI and ML engineering will ensure that the technology is poised for today, with the capability to serve us tomorrow.

In this panel event, Dr. Alexander Iliev will lead three AI and ML engineering experts in a discussion that will outline the state of AI and ML design today and illuminate the various challenges engineers and other AI specialists face in trying to create and optimize technologies for the future.


About the Moderator

Headshot of Alexander Iliev

Dr. Alexander I. Iliev, Ph.D.

Dr. Alexander I. Iliev holds two patents in the digital audio watermarking and data-enhancement fields. His research interests are in the fields of big-data analytics, signal processing, personalization using speech and image signals, AI, Machine Learning and data mining.

In addition to his various teaching and research, Dr. Iliev is co-founder of Innovatia Valley, a digital innovation hub. In the past, he was a Product Manager for Gracenote, where he was responsible for the development and growth of data access and personal-recommendation technologies for the company's Home division.


About the Panelists

Photo of Nashlie Sephus

Dr. Nashlie H. Sephus

Dr. Nashlie H. Sephus is the Tech Evangelist for Amazon AI, focusing on fairness and identifying biases at Amazon Web Services' AI. She formerly led the Amazon Visual Search team in Atlanta, which launched visual search for replacement parts on the Amazon Shopping app in June 2018. This technology was a result of former Atlanta-based startup Partpic being acquired by Amazon, for which she was the Chief Technology Officer. In 2018, Dr. Sephus became the founder and CEO of The Bean Path nonprofit organization, assisting individuals and startups with technical expertise and guidance. In September 2020, she became the owner and developer of the Jackson Tech District—14 acres of mixed-use commercial real-estate—to bring tech training and workforce/economic development to the area.


Headshot of Michael Wu

Dr. Michael Wu

Dr. Michael Wu is an authority on AI, Machine Learning, data science and behavioral economics. He’s currently the Chief AI Strategist at PROS, an AI-powered SaaS provider that helps companies monetize more efficiently in the digital economy. He’s been appointed as a Senior Research Fellow at the Ecole des Ponts Business School for his work in data science. Prior to PROS, Michael was the Chief Scientist at Lithium for a decade, where he focused on developing predictive and prescriptive algorithms to extract insights from social media big data. His research spans many areas, including customer experience, CRM, online influence, gamification, digital transformation and AI. 


Ali Rebaie, President of Rebaie Analytics Group

Headshot of Ali Rebaie

Ali Rebaie founded his company in his early 20s and quickly grew a global Fortune 500 clientele base. He is excited about helping companies use AI to lantern customer experience while understanding the “why” of human experience. 

As a data anthropologist, he studies social trends and ideological changes in societies and understands our ancestor’s cognitive and cultural evolution to help stage emotional human experiences and human-centric AI. Rebaie’s research and consulting practice helps prepare business executives and governments for change and dramatic shifts; lead in this disruptive age; draw power from universal data patterns; identify what is possible and what is not; what to invest in and when; and to thrive their AI, digital transformation and innovation efforts.

Welcome Speech

Frederick Wehrle standing in front of a beige background

Frederick T. Wehrle, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at UC Berkeley Extension

Frederick T. Wehrle is a researcher specializing in innate human behavior and an expert in academic innovation and design. At Berkeley, he is developing fully integrated, transdisciplinary study programs that allow students and lifelong learners to acquire the specific skill set they need to succeed in their careers in the upcoming 4th Industrial Revolution. With his team, he brings together world-leading researchers from Berkeley and industry experts from Silicon Valley who work and teach at the forefront of academic innovation. Previously, Frederick has founded the Center for Global Engagement of Planeta Education and Universities France, directed Accreditation and International Relations at Groupe EDC, and served as Academic Director at Groupe IGS. He founded the Eye-Tracking Lab of ICD International Business School and has lectured at UC Berkeley, Grupo Planeta, Groupe EDC, Groupe IGS, University of Paris 1, Toulouse Business School, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and Groupe IAM.

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