Technical Writing: The Logical Next Step in Sreevani Sreejith's Career

Sreevani Sreejith, Professional Program in Technical Communication student

Sreevani Sreejith started her career as a software engineer at Samsung Telecom America, utilizing her undergrad computer science degree. After a few years, she took a short career break and re-emerged with a career change to technical writing.

And then came the technical writing gigs: eBay, Apple, Google. Despite this impressive work experience for the past five years, Sreevani felt that she needed to add a bit more credibility to her resume. Hearing about the Professional Sequence in Technical Communication from a colleague, Sreevani started her educational journey, "learning the principles of tech writing and discovering approaches that a professional tech writer would take while developing technical documentation," she says. 

Sreevani initially enrolled in online courses to balance work and study—she was commuting to Berkeley for evening courses, after all. But she soon transitioned to taking the rest of her courses in the classroom, which offered a completely different learning experience. "Working with fellow classmates and being face-to-face with world-class instructors was more empowering and effective," she says. "The course was well-delivered and the lessons were very informative. The assignments reinforced the lessons learned in class, and the instructors corrected the assignments promptly while providing thorough feedback."

In particular, Sreevani notes, the Technical Editing course helped her develop self-editing skills that improved her documentation quality. "Personally, I feel more confident as a tech writer and am proud to have a certificate in technical writing from a renowned institution."

Sreevani is currently contracting at Google in the Android Developer Documentation team. "I am sure this certification and learning experience helped me to get shortlisted for the position."