2020 Inspirational Instructors

It is always a pleasure to honor the best of the best

We value our dedicated instructors. They are working professionals who tirelessly share their experiences and knowledge with their lucky students.

Every year, we honor just a small number of these talented teachers as honored instructors.

For 2020, we decide to rename the award Inspirational Instructors, both because these mentors have provided us needed inspiration for what has been a difficult year, and because they inspire their students to great heights of achievement.

The awards were given out at a joyous online event, where students spoke directly of their experiences with this talented set of instructors.

Dean Diana Wu was there, of course, to kick off the event. A follow-up email shows the depth of her appreciation: “I am in awe of our inspirational instructors and of the students who spoke about their teachers and their learning experiences. It is wonderful to hear directly from individual students about their journeys and how their instructors influenced them and inspired them.”

We have profiled each instructor and list them below. We hope you find inspiration in their stories and join us in the future to learn from the best!

Geoff Sargent, 2020 Inspirational Instructor

Dr. Geoff Sergeant, Biology courses

Inspirational Quote
"I have a lot of respect for those who come through later in life to change their path—I just love that."

Here’s a bonus story from 2016, when we launched our CRISPR editing course.

Marjorie Bailey, 2020 Inspirational Instructor

Marjorie Bailey, Certificate Program in Accounting

Inspirational Quote
“I am super curious, and auditing allows me to be curious!"



Jen Mahoney, 2020 Inspirational Instructor

Jennifer Mahoney, Certificate Program in Interior Design and Interior Architecture

Inspirational Quote
“You're the boss of your drawing. You're always the boss of your drawing."


Armando Diaz, 2020 Inspirational Instructor

Armando Diaz, Certificate Program in College Admissions and Career Planning and the Professional Program in College Admission Counseling

Inspirational Quote
“The educational experience continues to be about relationships first.”


Richie Kim, 2020 Inspirational Instructor

Richie Kim, Fall Program for Freshmen

Inspirational Quote
"In my class, we're going to do actual scholarship work.”


Meet more inspirational and honored instructors. Maybe you will find yourself in a class with them soon!