Rebecca blogs about international programs and student stories for UC Berkeley Extension. She has a bachelor's degree in anthropology and Spanish literature and a master's degree in international education.

Take a moment and think back to your high school days. Imagine: maybe you're busy with sports, clubs and academics, not to mention studying for your SATs or ACTs. Do you remember how you ended up

It has been four years since Dennis Crawford completed the Certificate Program in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). Although he claims to be fully retired, Crawford’s career

David Presti, Ph.D., is an interesting guy. His areas of expertise include drugs’ effects on the brain, the treatment of addiction, and the scientific study of the mind and consciousness.

A graduate of UC Berkeley Extension’s Designated Subjects Adult Education (DSAE) Teaching Credential program, Drain is now one of a team of 12 teachers who works with newly blind adults at the

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages offers a window into other cultures, a way of better understanding your own, and an avenue to connect with your students and community. Nora

Not everyone is sure if what interests them is what they are meant to do for a living. With the Certificate Program in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, Sylvia Cossar got her feet

Kim Jones knows the importance of education. A high-school dropout, Jones returned to school to receive his GED, which was soon followed by an associate's and then a master's. After working in

As the market shifts toward skill-centered jobs, calls for prioritizing career and technical education (CTE) increase. The U.S. Secretary of Education remarked, “CTE has an enormous, if often

"The great thing about the program is that it cuts across demographic lines," he says. "When you're getting feedback, you don't get it from a single demographic but from different types of people

For teachers, the key to engaging the minds of children is to expand on the information already included in the required textbooks. With that in mind middle-school teacher Liz Bodle seeks new