Rebecca blogs about international programs and student stories for UC Berkeley Extension. She has a bachelor's degree in anthropology and Spanish literature and a master's degree in international education.

Many of my friends always ask me: What is it like studying at Berkeley? Is it really that hard? Do you get what you paid for?

In California, especially in Berkeley, the public transportation is wonderful. All buses, subways and apps are well-structured and developed.

Last weekend we went on a trip to Yosemite National Park—one of the most famous and most beautiful national parks in the U.S. As a group of 15 people from Denmark, Germany, U.S. and Mexico, we

In the beginning when I came to Berkeley to take part in the Berkeley Haas Global Access Program, it was kind of weird for me to see everybody chatting about football instead of soccer. But I

On the first day of the semester, Alex Budak, the program director of the Berkeley Haas Global Access Program, said that this semester would be transformational for us. At the time, this was hard

Maria Paula Bicalho received her undergraduate degree in Business Administration in Brazil. Wanting a study-abroad experience that would provide her with focused instruction in marketing, Maria

After some reflection, I realize that an important part of the magic here at UC Berkeley is people’s attitudes of inclusion and acceptance.

Hi, I am Camila Ali Abdalla, also known as Mila. I am an economics student in Brazil; my university in São Paulo is called Insper. This fall, I am doing an exchange program at UC Berkeley called

They traveled far outside the borders of their home countries to immerse themselves in their new lives as UC Berkeley students and to experience the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley

Em uma recente viagem ao Brasil, conversamos com nossos ex-alunos sobre suas experiências como estudantes do IDP.