Rebecca blogs about international programs and student stories for UC Berkeley Extension. She has a bachelor's degree in anthropology and Spanish literature and a master's degree in international education.

8:30 am—Leave the House. Because I live a little further from campus, I bike to school. From summer to autumn, Berkeley is sunny every day. I have only seen it rain once, something that I love.

One of my favorite aspects of the program were the company visits that took place. Companies around San Francisco and the Silicon Valley opened their arms to us, and it was nice to see such a

A few days ago, my semester abroad at UC Berkeley and the Berkeley Haas Global Access Program came to an end...Everything went by so fast. Instead of writing a long post about an experience that

From the beginning we thought: What is special about UC Berkeley? What is special about Silicon Valley? Further, how do we combine these unique strengths in one program? That's how we designed the

During the lecture, the importance of strategy, patience, and knowledge in salary negotiations were all covered and BHGAP students were given a comprehensive overview on how they can succeed in

There is one aspect that distinguishes Haas from different business schools. No other business school has such great, experienced, interactive and passionate professors.

Eu achei que a Baía de São de Francisco seria um lugar interessante para morar – e eu estava certa! Tudo acontece lá, e eu me senti no centro da inovação e tecnologia. Eu escolhi o curso focado em

Coming into Berkeley, I was unsure of how my own background would fit in with the rest of the students, program, and surrounding areas. I went in with the motivation to improve my business

My favorite aspect about the Berkeley Haas Global Access Program are the company visits. The main purpose of these is to present Silicon Valley’s way of life regarding business culture.

The CFP experience is like a "starter pack": It gives you all the tools you need, and then when you are in college, you decide how to use them.