@DorieClark: "The Five Most Important Leadership Lessons an Employer Can Impart to a New Manager"

Robert: To follow up on your recent post: "The Five Most Important Leadership Lessons"... what do you think are the Five Most Important Leadership Lessons an employer can impart to a New Manager?"

Dorie: "A new manager is going to be feeling his or her way in the organization—trying to find a 'managerial voice' the way writers have to figure out their own natural style. As a result, they often err on the side of being either too harsh or too lenient. Employers can help new managers succeed by encouraging them to understand (and live out) the following:

Your employees aren't your friends. If you try to curry favor and ensure you're popular with everyone, it will cause problems.

Your employees aren't your enemies. Don't mete out draconian punishments to 'show who's boss.' Give people fair notice about your expectations, give them warnings before going nuclear on them, and try to understand and listen to what's going on for them.

You lead by example. If you want others to get to work on time, make sure you're always there early.

Don't play favorites. If there is a 'teacher's pet,' everyone will hate and resent that person, even if they're perfectly nice and a good worker.

Bring your personality to work. As I wrote in this Harvard Business Review piece, too many professionals feel the need to 'cover' or hide aspects of their identity at work. Make it a safer and more comfortable environment for everyone by being yourself."

Dorie Clark is a contributor to Forbes and Harvard Business Review, as well as a marketing strategist and speaker and author of Stand Out and Reinventing You.