As you look at your goals for the year, take a moment to discover 10 new insights.

Our district’s Chief for Operations and Readiness Mike Dillabough and Chief of Contracting Linda Hales were the ones from our team who led the research effort to find this type of training. Our

Provides business-ready approaches and tools for critical current and on-the-horizon issues, such as managing disruption, big data analytics, AI-based automation, Agile strategy and operations,

Met up with Kevin Oakes, CEO at the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp), yesterday at Gilead in Foster City.

Leadership development is important. It’s also not always done well. Among the common mistakes I’ve seen:

"Almost half of managers moving into new roles significantly underperform. Underperforming new-to-role managers can have a detrimental impact on their direct reports' performance, intent to stay

What do you think are the Five Most Important Leadership Lessons an employer can impart to a New Manager?