7 Key Ingredients for A Great Custom Leadership Development Program

1. Cutting-Edge Topics Optimized for Business Relevance

Provides business-ready approaches and tools for critical current and on-the-horizon issues, such as managing disruption, big data analytics, AI-based automation, Agile strategy and operations, design thinking, world-class customer experience and employee experience

2. Transformative Exposure to Other Business Environments and Situations

Provides opportunities for participants to see ideas in action in other workplace environments and sectors

3. Built to Promote "Level-Up" Thinking

Enables participants not only to be more effective in role, but to envision and build skills needed for career progression

4. Reinforces Alignment to Enterprise Mission, Values and Imperatives

Thoughtfully supports enterprise goals and addresses culture priorities in targeted ways

5. Offers Opportunity for Individual Assessment and Goal-Setting

Offers participants opportunities to take stock, set fresh goals, and approach challenges and opportunities with new perspectives and energy

6. Network Expansion That Offers Enduring Business and Career Value

Fosters strong, useful peer networks across the organization and promotes a collaborative mindset

7. Recognition of Accomplishment

Provide participants with meaningful marker of accomplishment