Berkeley Haas Global Access Program Ambassador Ruocheng Zhao

Feeling so great to be a Cal bear!

Hi everyone! I'm Ruocheng Zhao, a Chinese student from Shanghai Tongji University. I am so glad to become a program ambassador. I am excited to share my experience as an exchange student and how feels to be a Berkeley Haas Global Access Program (BHGAP) student in University of California, Berkeley. 

I have been in campus for about 4 weeks and have joined quite a lot of activities that have been so much fun! In this blog I will share with you guys what I love the most in Berkeley!

Top 1: Nice People and Fine Weather!

I always feel down when the weather is cloudy and cold, but time in Berkeley is just full of sunshine and surrounded by warm people. I almost spent 1 hour lying on the grass in front of the Doe library everyday in the past 4 weeks! Sometimes I just take a nap and sometimes I chat with my neighbors and ask how they are doing. People here are so nice and friendly and share their interesting experiences with you while always ready to make new friends.

Top 2: Many Lectures Held By All the Departments and All of the Students Are Available to Join!

Since I just got enrolled in 12 units for this semester, I can join a lot of school events, along with all kinds of activities. I enjoy the lectures held by experts the most. Sometimes I just walk into a classroom to figure out what's going on in Al technology. I have also signed up for a lecture about how the climate change threatens the habitat of polar bears. There are is much for us to explore!

Top 3: Fun Student Clubs and Great Sports Facilities!

I've always wanted to learn to play tennis so the moment I got the flyer of the Tennis Club of Berkeley, I just decided to become a member. I attend the club 3 times a week and there are so many experienced student coaches willing to teach a beginner like me. They let us use the rackets and the tennis balls and teach us the basic skills. I really gained a lot and had so much fun during the practice! The tennis court is great and you can see beautiful sunset when you practice in the night session.