A Three-Continent Master’s Education

Berkeley Haas Global Access Program tie with EDHEC business school provides for truly global learning

The Berkeley Haas Global Access Program is exactly what its name says—global. 

We’re excited to be a part of EDHEC’s Master in Management, Global Economic Transformation and Technology program, where students from all over the world gain a strong foundation in business management skills and learn cutting-edge practices and trends impacting the world.

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Participants study on three different continents—Europe, Asia and North America—in cities that are at the forefront of these economic shifts, including Berkeley! At each campus, students cultivate global thinking and fine-tune critical, conceptual and innovative problem-solving skills.

In the first year, students spend a semester at EDHEC’s Paris Campus, which is a Top 10 European business school. Its excellence in teaching and research focuses on innovation to stimulate entrepreneurship and creativity. Learners then complete their second semester at SKK Graduate School of Business in Seoul, Korea. With the aim of action-based learning, SKK Graduate School of Business offers a hands-on and innovative curriculum that prepares today’s students to solve the challenging problems of tomorrow.

It’s then off to a full-year internship and afterward students are welcomed into our Berkeley Haas Global Access Program, studying at the Number 1 global public university in the world!

At Haas School of Business—a consistently top-ranked business school—students are exposed to world-class faculty, courses and networks within the innovation ecosystem of the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. Learnings are focused on knowledge, mindset, skills and connections necessary to excel as innovators and global leaders. This academic year of study enables these master’s students to access emerging ideas in a local environment known for its entrepreneurial outlook.

They bring their global outlooks and passion for learning to the Berkeley Haas classroom every day.


Basile Bedelek is the proud owner of startup food business Maison Kurtos.

Photo of Basile Bedelek in front of a white background

It was the culmination of his two years of study that helped him launch this exciting venture.

When I was in Berkeley,” Basile recalls, “it was all about the entrepreneurial and innovation mindset. I learned a lot about what it takes to be an entrepreneur, especially in Berkeley and Silicon Valley. It was really great to go back to France with this mindset and start my company—thinking in a completely different way. It was definitely easier to come up with new ideas. It is something I want to keep up.”

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Or meet Hélène Guo, a French-Chinese graduate student majoring in business, who is nearing completion of her second semester in BHGAP.

“The Haas School of Business has a distinctive culture that helps students become future leaders,” she writes of her current experience. “One of the four defining leadership principles is being ‘student always.’ Students are encouraged to stimulate their intellectual curiosity as there are always opportunities to learn more! In addition to guest speakers in the core classes, renowned entrepreneurs and international business leaders regularly visit Haas to share their experience as a part of the Dean’s Speaker Series. They provide great opportunities for thought-provoking discussions and insights into business issues.”

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And finally, Marie Auré, who finds herself smiling every day at 12 pm when University carillonist Jeff Davis gives his concert from the top of the Campanile—a lovely remembrance to the time when she played viola.

Marie Aure in front of the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business sign

“Everything about Berkeley exudes optimism, starting with the campus itself,” she says. “The parking lots displaying ‘Reserved for Nobel Laureates’ signs still make me smile whenever I walk by them. Banners in the Haas lobby feature faculty awarded with the Nobel Prize in Economic Science and serve as a daily reminder that they are part of a vibrant community from whom we can learn. Haas has coined this spirit ‘Confidence Without Attitude.’ They encourage you to strive for more, trust your abilities, but never at the cost of humility. This translates into the way people interact with each other.”

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As you can see, the Berkeley Haas Global Access Program attracts a wide range of students, all eager to have a transformative experience in the heart of Silicon Valley. Their studies in this master’s program—ending at the Berkeley Haas School of Business—truly puts them on the fast-track to success.