Haas Community Comes Together for BHGAP Closing Ceremony

Students Reflect on Their Time at Berkeley

Take a peek inside the closing ceremony for the latest cohort of international students to complete the Berkeley Haas Global Access Program (BHGAP)! These future entrepreneurs spent the last semester studying abroad at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business.

Peruvian student Ana Salazar Bazalar summed it up with a reflection on her experience on the program: "This program has definitely had an impact on me and my future career path. It has given me a new perspective on entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation."


Ana Salazar Balazar gives a speech about her experience as part of the BHGAP community at the graduation ceremony.


Take a look at some of our favorite images and more videos from the Spring 2018 closing ceremony featuring inspirational students from around the world.


Dean Rich Lyons Leads a Toast

UC Berkeley Haas School of Business Dean Rich Lyons shared words of advice for students in the Spring 2018 Berkeley Haas Global Access Program cohort. In his celebratory toast, he encouraged "confidence without attitude" and a "captain eats last" style of leadership—defining principles that distinguish those who have studied at the Berkeley Haas School of Business apart from the rest. 


BHGAP Students Show off certificates

Students pose with their certificates of completion from the Haas School of Business.


BHGAP Students Show off their Haas tshirts

Students show off their parting gifts, Berkeley Haas School of Business t-shirts. Go Bears!


Stephanie Tan from Singapore talked about her experience at the Haas School of Business. On her professors: "They guided me and inspired us to learn and that we can be the ones to make the world a better place."


BHGAP Student with Professor Heidi Weller

Student Emma poses with Professor Heidi Weller, who teaches professional achievement courses and provides career counseling for Berkeley Haas Global Access Program students.


Henry Park from South Korea talked about true learning versus grades, how the program changed him, and "aggressive optimism," a mindset common in Silicon Valley.


BHGAP Spring 2018 Cohort Group Celebration

The Spring 2018 cohort celebrates the completion of their program.


Congratulations to all our students on this impressive achievement! Check out all the photos from the BHGAP Spring 2018 closing ceremony.


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