Jawon Kim's Favorite Things in Berkeley

My Berkeley Global Access Program for the spring 2020 semester

My Cal Card
me with my Cal Card

Hello, my name is Jawon Kim, and I am a student of the Berkeley Global Access program!

I am happy to be an International Student for the 2020 spring semester. Actually, I attended Berkeley for 2017 Summer Session and I hoped to come back to Berkeley once again.

Now, I successfully returned to California. I think Berkeley has a lot of things that attract me to this city. I want to introduce my favorites here!





My favorite #1: Nice Weather and Campus

The tower in a day
The tower with sunshine
The tower at night
Taking a picture with the tower

Walking on campus, I found that beautiful sunshine made me feel more energetic and fresh. I was surprised with people sitting and taking a nap in the lawn in front of the Doe library. Looking around campus with an iced coffee is one of my hobbies at Berkeley. I have to walk a few minutes to go to a class. If someone worries about being late for a class, I will say to them, "Don't worry! There is a Berkeley time." Berkeley time is when a class starts 10 minutes later. Thanks to that time, I can enjoy my campus life frequently. In addition to my daytime routine, Berkeley at night is also cool. I took pictures of the Sather Tower in the daytime and night!

My favorite place on Berkeley campus is the Doe Library. It has various places to have different types of setting based on your moods. I recommend you to go to the second floor! :)

Also, there is a perfect place to study, which is next to the Doe Library. This is the Moffit Library! It operates 24 hours a day and I can see a lot of Berkeley students studying very hard!

Moffit Library
Moffit Library

My favorite #2: Various Events and People

On the first week of this semester, there was the reception for international students. I was able to meet a lot of people and enjoy delicious food. I even met Oski who is UC Berkeley's mascot!  There was a photo booth and a performance from the Berkeley cheerleaders and band! It was awesome and great party!

With my friends
Welcome Reception
me with Oski
Me with Oski

Oski was so cute and he allowed me to take a picture with him!

Delicious Food

My Favorite #3: San Francisco

During weekend, I can go to San Francisco with my Clipper Card. I went shopping and experienced American life. The weather when I went to San Francisco was a little cold, however, it was a fun day exploring the city! I hope to go to another place while studying at Berkeley. It would be a really good opportunity to have lots of positive energy for studying. 

San Francisco 1


San Francisco 2

My experiences at Berkeley are ongoing! I have new and happy days at Berkeley and I am sure these experiences will be my precious memories. I hope to have a great time throughout the rest of my spring semester with the Berkeley Global Access Program!