Program Perk: Company Site Visits

Hear firsthand from entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley

Bring your Berkeley Haas Global Access Program (BHGAP) coursework to life with visits to Bay Area companies.

Take advantage of our close proximity to Silicon Valley—the innovation capital of the world—by visiting firms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Mozilla, Oracle and so many others. Learn directly from entrepreneurs, founders and employees to inspire your business growth!

Take a look at our current students visiting these cutting-edge companies and read what they have to say about this one-of-a-kind experience.


Students visiting Mozilla headquarters

Students learn how Mozilla's free and open-source web browser, Firefox, came into being and how the company is continuing its mission of an Internet that is open and accessible to all.


What Our Students Say

"The site visits we had this semester were mind-opening and inspirational in a way I could have never imagined before I applied to Berkeley Haas Global Access Program. Even now, I feel like words cannot capture how much I learned from all the founders, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, workers and incubators of immensely diverse companies. I truly believe site visits help you get to know yourself better, and they help you trace your path toward your passion and, eventually, your personal and professional success."
—Natàlia Costa i Coromina, Spain



Ford Innovation Center

Students visiting Ford Innovation headquarters

Students learn about the new Research and Innovation Center for automaker Ford. This growing team is creating connections between automotive and computer technology in the birthplace of the digital revolution—Silicon Valley.


Students visiting LinkedIn headquarters

Not only did our students learn the ins and outs of professional-networking site LinkedIn, they also gained insights in how to boost their own LinkedIn profiles!


What Our Students Say

"Site visits at BHGAP are exceptional. We visited numerous paramount companies while simultaneously capitalizing on our opportunity to grow each week. Our LinkedIn profiles improved throughout the semester due to the widespread and influential Haas alumni network. The diversity of the site visits was a highlight. Covering a plethora of interest and fields, the sites ranged from Google and Ford’s Innovation and Design headquarters to telecommunication companies like Orange. Wherever we went, there was always a Haas alumni willing to take the time to assist our group or individual needs in any way possible."
—Nathaniel Davis, United States


Students visiting Unity headquarters

It's not all business: While visiting Unity Technologies in San Francisco, students got a chance to play with the company's Unity game engine, a real-time tool that is geared for game developers and creators across industries and applications.


Students visiting Oracle

Also located in tech-focused Silicon Valley, Oracle offers integrated cloud applications and platform services. The massive company is proud of their diverse clients, including those in the aerospace, auto, banking, engineering, tech, medical devices and pharmaceutical fields.


What Our Students Say

"The site visits are among the highlights of BHGAP. The classes are incredible and the experience of living the UC Berkeley life is amazing, but being able to go to these companies and learn directly from entrepreneurs, founders, employees and more is really something else. Those are the top Silicon Valley companies and interacting with those people is an unique opportunity of itself—something I’m really glad and thankful for. We’ve been at several site visits—more than we could imagine in the beginning—but the experiences were so good, so enriching that I wish we had even more of them. Thank you, BHGAP staff, for the amazing work!"
—Cauê Silva Camargo, Brazil



Students visiting WeWork headquarters

Since 2010, WeWork has provided shared workspaces for technology startups and various services for entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses and large enterprises. What started as a work space has developed into a community of workers sharing space to collaborate and network. Oh, and our students got a free T-shirt, too!


What Our Students Say

“I absolutely love the site visits. We visited companies of different sizes, different types and different culture. Without the site visits, I would never be able to get so close to so many great companies. It was the best opportunity to learn from these great companies and great people.

"One thing I loved most about it is that I can listen to those talented people’s thoughts and communicate with them. Our group’s last visit was at Boosted. Its CEO talked with us for more than two hours, sharing his experience, his thoughts about choosing career path, et cetera. It was a perfect ending for our site visits! Believe me, anyone who fully participates in it will benefit a lot.”

—Wanyu Zhang, China


Check out some videos our students have taken on their site visits.

Imagine the companies you'll visit with the Berkeley Haas Global Access Program!