Unveiling the Berkeley Experience

Top reasons why a semester abroad at UC Berkeley is a game-changer!

Hey, future Golden Bears! 🐻 I'm Lorenz, a 23-year-old from Germany. My academic journey has taken me from Barcelona (Spain) to St. Gallen (Switzerland) and currently to UC Berkeley for my final master's semester.

Here, I'm part of BHGAP, immersing in courses even beyond my business focus, such as an intriguing one in mathematics! When I'm not in class, you'll find me indulging in sports, music and traveling, and enjoying time with friends. Want to know why Berkeley is the place to be? Here are my Top 9 reasons!

1. Diverse Learning at Its Best

Here, the learning is top-notch and eclectic. I've been able to select from a plethora of courses, digging into areas like mathematics despite my business focus. You are encouraged to go beyond, satisfy your intellectual curiosity and learn from accomplished professors who combine practical experience with excellent pedagogy.

2. The Vibrant Bay Area and Silicon Valley

Situated near the global tech hub, Berkeley provides you with access to numerous cutting-edge events like TechCrunch, hackathons and pitch events. It’s a fantastic place to witness innovation, network and learn.


Lorenz Hieber and classmates visiting a Silicon Valley company

3. Exclusive Company Visits

Berkeley organizes visits to tech giants and startups, giving a sneak peek into the innovative ecosystems of companies like Amazon and Google. It’s not just a visit—it’s a learning journey into the heart of innovation!


4. A Melting Pot of Cultures

With a diverse student body from around the world, every day at Berkeley is a new cultural learning experience, broadening your outlook and understanding, making the campus a mini-world where inclusiveness is a way of life.

Lorenz hanging out at Sequoia National Park


5. Explore California’s Gems

From Napa Valley to Sequoia National Park, the destinations are endless! Whether it’s a day trip to Santa Cruz or an extended weekend to Bryce Canyon, California’s scenic beauty and dynamic cities will never cease to amaze you.



6. A Stepping Stone to Your Career

Berkeley’s eminent reputation and alumni network are invaluable assets, opening doors to promising opportunities and internships in the U.S. The numerous university events and career fairs can be your gateway to a brighter future in your chosen field.

Photo taken from the stands of a UC Berkeley football game


7. Energizing Sporting Events

Berkeley’s sporting events are not just games—they are a culture, an emotion. Being a part of thrilling matches and experiencing the excitement of the games is something uniquely Berkeley.


8. Feel the Community Spirit

The distinctive community spirit here is endearing. Whether it’s the university apparel, the exciting sporting events or the ubiquitous "Go Bears" slogan, the sense of unity and belongingness you feel here is unparalleled.

9. The Unified Campus Experience

Berkeley’s campus is a unified space, housing all faculty, promoting interactions across disciplines, and fostering a holistic and enriching campus life filled with diverse thoughts and friendships.

10. Your Contribution!

Now, it’s your turn! I’ve shared my experiences, and now I’m curious about what the 10th reason could be. What’s your reason for considering UC Berkeley for a visiting-student experience? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and see you become part of our diverse and dynamic community!

Berkeley has been a journey of unending learning, diverse experiences and incredible friendships for me. Whether it’s the unparalleled academic environment, the vibrant culture or the myriad opportunities, every moment here is enriching.

So, are you ready to embark on your Berkeley adventure and find your own reasons to love it here?

Go Bears! 🐻