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In her native Manila, Carmel Gacho worked as a Supervising Science Research Specialist and also as the Environmental Committee Chair at a national government research institute in the Philippines

“[Enrolling in the Certificate Program in Clinical Research Conduct and Management] was probably the best decision I've made in my life—I am not exaggerating. I have my current job literally

“To me, science feels like a giant mystery where the clues are just waiting there for you to find,” says Dr. Rachael Webster, one of our 2019 Honored Instructors who teaches Medical Microbiology

English as a Second Language teacher Dana Neufeld had majored in Community Studies at UC Santa Cruz, with a minor in Latin American and Latino Studies. She was offered admission to a master’s and

Three years ago, Eleanor Portacio Abea decided to steer away from a career track that she no longer found challenging. While she had worn many different hats at Stanford Health Care—including

When he began the UC Berkeley Extension Certificate in Project Management, Joshua Lanada was working full time as the Project Coordinator for startup video game company Trion Worlds.

In the tech world, successful professionals need to know the technical ins and outs of the company’s product, as well as customer-facing marketing skills. For Marketing certificate graduate

Informational interviews can play a powerful part in your career development. Following best practices can make all the difference in forging mutually beneficial career connections.

Now a senior product marketing manager at Granular, Sophia Fox once thought she’d build her career on political science and international relations—subjects she’d studied since middle school.