Carolynne Mims has worked in UC Berkeley Extension's Marketing department for the past eight years. She most recently joined the Creative Services team as a contributor, spotlighting the intelligent instructors and students of Extension. Carolynne loves people and finds joy interviewing and writing about her subjects. Throughout her teens and college years, she became a freelance writer, penning for her high school and church, and eventually writing a novel she tucked away safely just waiting to be birthed. In her spare time she loves reading, vintage shopping and scrolling through the best apps for authentic Nike Air Max and Jordans to add to her collection. 

Think about your own goals. How many have you set? How many did you successfully achieve?

Admit it: When you read the title of this blog, you begin to bop your head and sway your shoulders as if you’re listening to the chorus of your favorite dance song.

The same goes for

Sometimes following your career passion looks like a blueprint of those who surround you. But as you start to emulate that blueprint, you find yourself sketching a new map for your future.

As a child in Chester, Pa., Nathaniel Crews was fascinated with engineering, gravitating toward mathematics. A self-proclaimed “early nerd,” Nathaniel saw first-hand the birth and adoption of the

There is an assumption that thinking like an entrepreneur means that you’ve got a new business or service that you want to bring to market. It’s the mindset that has been driving the successes of

Medicine can be a career that is both challenging and highly rewarding.

Adults going back to college to add to or finish their existing degrees are becoming more common. Those looking for new or enhanced skills are flocking to continuing education, which brings

In Steven Harris’ 20-year career in IT, he’s worked as help desk support, database administrator, network engineer and now as director of Information Technology and Systems for the University of

Almost three years after the Emancipation Proclamation, advancing troops arrived in Galveston, Texas, where their leader pronounced General Order No. 3, a proclamation of the freedom on June 19,

Leaders are people who influence others to be great.
When you think of leadership and power moves, does majestic innovation come to mind?