Come to our San Francisco campus for a chat with our esteemed panelist about the future of Amazon's Augmented Reality experience.

Kitty He’s atypical career path to user experience design is actually pretty typical for UX professionals.

Animation instructor Iveta Karpathyova finds the merging of design and movement and storytelling an exhilarating combination. She had been drawn to art, fashion and dance throughout her schooling...

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Although a particular fact may be solid and unwavering, the interpretation of that fact can be subject to change depending on the person exposed to it and the manner of presentation. The fact is...

Like many starting college, Ankita chose a major where the expectations were known: Her father was a businessman, so she studied business. But Ankita always had a penchant for design.

For a lot of people, a career in STEM is the end goal. But for Oscar Ko, a career as a software engineer at Boeing was just a launching pad.

We recently had the opportunity to visit Extension student and product specialist Lisa Jacquiot.

Marcela Corona was already leaning toward a design career when she first came to the United States with her partner, a graduate student at UC Berkeley.

As technology becomes more sophisticated, user experience has incorporated touch and sound, with virtual reality lurking on the horizon.